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Premium WordPress ThemesIf you are new to SEO or even a seasoned professional and you have never really dabbled with internal link building it is probably time for you start thinking about interlinking your pages and your posts to help with your long term SEO efforts. Interlinking is just as important for rankings as building external links so it is ideal that you start sooner rather than later. Internal linking offers a web user little portals to travel through to get to other important pages very quickly. Premium WordPress Themes.

The whole goal of linking between pages is the ability to pass link juice to other pages of your website that could benefit greatly from it. Your natural website copy is littered with great potential areas to really increase the power of your internal website. Naturally the content of your website already has keywords throughout the text giving you great opportunities to link to some really nice and powerful anchor text throughout your website. When you link throughout your website to other pages always make sure you use beneficial keywords that you are already targeting in your ongoing search engine optimization efforts. Internal linking helps you balance out the power of your website quite a bit. Naturally over time certain pages of your website will build significantly more power than others so it is important to try and create a balance. Internal linking will allow you to drive extra power to other pages so that your website does not become top heavy with just a certain group of pages.

Scott Allen from Search Engine Guide had this to say about internal linking:

“When done right, contextual internal links also can help improve the usability of a site. By adding links to the content of your site that are relevant for the user, it provides another path to the destination you’re trying to lead them to. Multiple paths are a good thing in site navigation. Usability studies have shown that users are more likely to click on a link in the text of a page instead of those on a navigation bar, because it feels more natural.”

Internal linking gives a certain kind of support throughout your website to help strengthen pages that are already strong or help pages that are lagging behind. This approach can work very well once you really increase your page amount or have a blog connected to your URL. Get into the habit of linking between pages as you build your website or write in your blog and over time you will notice great results.

Premium WordPress Themes – Into Your SEO

Search engine optimization is all about creating targeted streams of inbound traffic coming to your website on a daily basis. A dull SEO campaign really doesn’t help anybody. The user who might bump into that piece of marketing won’t find it useful and the search engines just get cluttered with more material that just gets in the way of things. With the search engines evolving and changing it is important for your efforts to really have some sort of personality applied to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas you can give your online marketing efforts a kick start to get people wanting to click on your website:

  • Online PR: Instead of just sending out a press release to get more links why not trying to send it out to get great links and fantastic press. If you send out dull pr you might notice that there are some blogs that pick up anything just to build content. That is not going to help you or your business. If you want a major online publication to pick up your pr topic you will have to give that pr topic a bit more flavor. Try announcing a new client that might be larger than normal if they allow for their name to be used. Maybe you have formed some sort of partnership that is worthy of a headline. This is more likely to get picked up and receive better links than just announcing a new section of a website launching. Put some personality into the pr and it will go much further.
  • Social Media: Instead of just launching a Twitter or Facebook page and dropping links to your blog posts take a different approach. If you can get your community conversing with you your social efforts will go much further just helping your SEO efforts in the process. SEO is much more than just creating rankings, it is about building your business online so it requires more than just placing links here and there. Ask questions in your community. If you have followers in your Twitter account people will respond you just need to give them a reason to do so. Ask relevant industry questions to get some conversations started.
  • Video Marketing: Video marketing is a great way to really spread your presence online but you have to do it the right way. If you have the budget buy a decent camera, a tripod and some editing software. Take the time and make some good solid promotional videos to help you spread the word online. If you make it right people will pick up your video and blog about it. This action will give you nice strong links pointing to your website. Always shoot for making your video viral.

Putting some personality into your marketing will allow things to go much further online for your business than if you didn’t. People don’t respond to just links, they respond to marketing so go and brand yourself as a real business online.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Building

Link building is that dreaded phrase that still to this day confuses the heck out of many people trying to figure out how to proactively market themselves online in the search engines. They hear from one source how they need thousands of links to start ranking and from another source they hear just quality links gets the job done. So what is the right answer? In a perfect world you would have an abundance of good quality links pointing from only a variety of targeted authority industry websites.

Just building links for the sake of building links is not going to benefit you or the search engines. Links that sit on irrelevant websites can actually hurt you a great deal over time. A link sitting a website that is part of a blog farm is not going to benefit you in any possible way. If you are not sure what a blog farm is, it is a farm of blogs that a company will use to place links for clients or other websites in order to increase rankings. These blog farms usually have absolutely no strength or power in the search engines but appear to do so. Don’t assume that spending more money is going to get you more quality links. It is not about how much you spend but more so about how good your marketing message is. A promotion that gets your audience talking and bloggers writing will get you much farther than just purchasing a link on a website. Many different businesses take a variety of different approaches in the search engine marketing industry but purchasing links is very frowned upon. Buying a service that generates thousands of links for you is only going to create a mess of your online marketing approach and hurt you in the long run. How good do you really think those thousand links are going to be? Do you think they generate any value to your business?

Link building should always be done with a quality approach. A blog post on an industry related blog that is an authority in your industry is an example of a great link. A major business publication doing a write up on you for their online division is a great link. A “directory blaster” is a horrible way to generate links and should be avoided at all costs. Link building should be conducted using a strategy and a schedule and not with a number goal. A combination of a variety of monthly efforts is an approach that will help you climb in the search results over time.